[vpn] VPN Setup

itsd itsd itsd2001 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 28 20:50:16 EST 2001


We would like to put the Cisco VPN 3000 Gateway like this:

            |              |


1) Is this good solution (security, performance, .....)
2) FW1 is CheckPoint Firewall 1 with 4 interface (all are in different 
            -One connected to private Network
            -One to Catalyst 2900
            -One to DMZ
            -One we like to connect it to VPN 3000

      What did I need to open (rule) on FW-1 to make the VPN working.

3) What access-list I need to put on Cisco 7200 ?

Private: Catalyst 5500 + RSM
VPN Gateway: Cisco VPN 3000 (Software Version 3.5)
FW-1: Checkpoint FW-1 ver. 4.1 SP2
Router: Cisco Router 7200 (version 12.X)
VPN Client: Software Client / Hardware client 3002 (Software Version 3.5)


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