[vpn] DB and VPN

Scott Nursten scottn at s2s.ltd.uk
Fri Dec 21 19:04:32 EST 2001

Hi Paul, 

Regardless of OS etc, you will be after something that's robust and
provides vpn access for a host of users. You're also after something
that's easily configurable and easy to maintain. 

If you're after an open source solution on a dedicated x86 machine, I
have had great mileage with OpenBSD 2.7 upwards. 3.0 has just been
released and I've really been enjoying it. The server's / clients behind
the units don't really matter - so long as you can have controlled
connectivity between the two points. 

Otherwise, I would use a dedicated hardware unit, PIX or likewise. It's
really dependant on what capabilities you actually require. 

If you give us more details on what you actually require from the
machine, and more of an idea on the platform / political / financial
position, we could probably all narrow down the field quite a lot. 

There's a lot of solutions that work with relatively few "minefields".



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> Hi,
> I am just about to embark on a database project which will 
> most probably end
> up in a VPN. Users (through a web browser) will be able to 
> read and (with
> privs) alter the .db contents. More than likely it will be MS 
> SQL server
> 2000 on a Wintel platform.
> What are the known VPN minefields for this ?
> Seasons Greetings,
> Paul Slater
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