[vpn] Cisco Unity VPN client on Mac OS X

Dana J. Dawson djdawso at qwest.com
Fri Dec 21 15:34:15 EST 2001

Has anyone gotten Cisco's new Unity client (basically the 3000 series client,
version 3.5) to work under Mac OS X?  I've got the client installed (Cisco has a
minor bug with one of the startup scripts that gets installed, but it's easy to
fix), and it connects just fine to my 3000 series concentrator and I get full IP
connectivity.  The problem is that DNS support is not so wonderful in that OS X
doesn't reference the /etc/resolv.conf file on the fly, so even though the Cisco
client dynamically and correctly updates this file with the DNS information the
concentrator hands out, it doesn't "take" because OS X ignores it.  The end
result is no DNS.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays!


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