[vpn] Cisco VPN 3.X and DSL questions

Dante Mercurio dmercurio at ccgsecurity.com
Mon Dec 17 14:46:40 EST 2001

One option is to use the Cisco 3002 Hardware Client to set up a
site-to-site. Here's some info:

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> Newbie in multiple senses of the word, 
> We have a remote office who just got a DSL connection. Our 
> plan was to hook up multiple computers throught the one DSL 
> connection (easy enough) but we wanted each of the computers 
> on the DSL connection to use the cisco VPN. While installing 
> and verifing connectivity I realized only one computer at a 
> time could use the VPN connection, didn't matter which but it 
> was limited to just one of the clients at a given time.... 
> We'd still like to have multiple computers on one DSL circuit 
> ... Any pointers? Any advice?
> Mike
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