[vpn] client-gateway (nat-nat)

Salah Eddine Bohoudi s.e.bohoudi at its.tudelft.nl
Fri Dec 14 19:32:27 EST 2001

hallo everybody,

I have a question about the following vpn scenario:


The client must setup an vpn connection through the Nat device to the VPN
termination point (GW).
The client can have any possible adress and the nat device is optional
(allowing access the everybody with internet access).
The problem rises if the client has a non-routable adress say in the range
of range. Actually we can get this working through UDP
encapsulation and we can indeed build a tunnel between the client and the GW
through the NAT device. But when de packet is decrypted en deencapsulated
the GW faces the problem of the non-routable adress, as the internet network
can also have a private adress in the same range ( I hope that
the point is clear and that some body has a clean fix for this.

Thanks in advance,

Salah Eddine Bohoudi

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