[vpn] News on VPNCON Alexandria (Fall/2001) and San Jose (Spring/2002)

Joel M Snyder Joel.Snyder at Opus1.COM
Wed Dec 12 19:21:52 EST 2001

Folks, just some quick news on VPNCON.

If you missed VPNCON Alexandria in October, you can still get
the complete conference on CD-ROM with audio and the slides.
The Sound of Knowledge does this, and the URL is:


That includes all of the presentations that consented to audio taping,
including the disaster recovery panel as well as the tutorials.  If you want to
attend the conference without leaving your seat, it's all available for you.

Second, if you're interested in presenting at VPNCON San Jose (May 13/14/15),
the Call For Participation is ready.  You can contact me for an ASCII copy, or
if you want to download it off the web, grab:


We are hoping to have an extraordinarily rich VPNCON this Spring.  In addition
to the benefits of co-locating with DSLcon, we've got sessions, tutorials,
panels, "hands-on" labs, interoperability demos, and the usual exhibit hall and
peer-to-peer networking opportunities.  If you'd like to be part of it, please
take a look at the CFP and submit a session!

Joel Snyder
Conference Director, VPNCON

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