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Dante Mercurio dmercurio at ccgsecurity.com
Mon Dec 3 13:54:38 EST 2001

I recently gave a presentation on the effect of home VPN's on security
policies to corporate management at a potential customer site. I am
making the presentation available to all who would like to use it.
(Giving credit where credit to me of course.)

http://www.ccgsecurity.com and click on the presentation on the middle
of the screen.

If you would like a .ppt version, email me. Keep in mind, this
presentation is not technical. It was written for executive management
to explain the necessity of including home desktops in security policy
when using VPN's to the office. You'd think that was obvious, but......


M. Dante Mercurio, CCNA, MCSE+I, CCSA
Consulting Services Manager
Continental Consulting Group, LLC
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> 	hello,
> 		 i am having a problem adding a computer to a 
> domain through
> a VPN. it sends the request and then nothing happens. i have 
> checked the
> logs and it turns out the computer is hitting the box and 
> accepting it but
> it is not sending the packets back through the VPN it seems 
> to me that it is
> going through the internet or some other way. any help with 
> this problem
> would be great.  - Brandon
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