Using SSH

Saravana Ram Torx at TM.NET.MY
Sun Jan 30 03:36:20 EST 2000

From: "S Ramakrishnan" <rk_ at MAILCITY.COM>

> Can SSH be used on an NT box?
> Are there sample blusprints to
> get up and started on SSH based
> access control schemes?

Which will be the server side, a Linux box or an NT box? That is more
important. The full SSH package is easily available on unix flavours, but I
know not of any server-side implementations for NT. SSH clients, though, are
available on both platforms. (How could you use it on the server side,

> What underlying security protocol is
> SSH based on?

If you are asking about cryptographic transfroms, the original SSH uses DES,
3DES, and Blowfish. But if you're not in America, you're left with only DES.

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