NAI's PGP VPN Client

Josef Pojsl josef.pojsl at SKYNET.CZ
Tue Jan 11 05:37:38 EST 2000


what type of network interface are you using?

I have seen a similar behaviour in PGPnet when trying to connect
to Gauntlet GVPN or another PGPnet box. I was using PGP 6.5.1
commercial version on Win 95 OSR2. In both cases, I got the BSoD
referring to PGPMAC.vxd as a cause of the trouble.

To my big surprise, that behaviour vanished when I changed my
network interface card! I started to track down the probem and found out that:
 - With an ethernet NIC on ISA (2 types, actually, NEC and 3com) => crash
 - With an ethernet NIC on PCI (3com) => OK
 - With dial-up connection => OK

I have reported that to NAI but no reply since.
I haven't had chance to try it on newer versions of PGP yet.


On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 10:35:51AM -0500, Patrick Ethier wrote:
> Here is the situation:
> 1- I manage to set up a Security Gateway as an SA without any problems.
> 2- I configure a Secure Host behind that security Gateway.
> 3- When I try and connect this Secure Host, I get the "Blue Screen of Death"
> saying "Fatal Exception in PGPMAC.vxd"
> According to my OpenBSD box, my netstat says I have an IPSec tunnel between
> that particular host and the PGP client.
> Has anybody set up a client connection to any VPN technology using PGP VPN
> client and experienced similar problems? Basically, I'm trying to determine
> whether this is a flaw in the software or it is the configurations that are
> wrong.(With such a serious crash, my biased opinion is that there is a major
> flaw in PGP VPN client and that it does not support Client-to-LAN VPN
> properly).

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