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  The AOL stack, from last I looked into it, will not work with
CheckPoint's Secure Remote either. After I found out, we had to
bypass AOL when creating an ecrypted tunnel vpn. Apparently, they
do something with the TCP/IP stack, I think they implement their own,
much like the problems we had with some versions of winsock.
 I thought some vendors were working around that, but not looked
into much lately.

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Jeffery Eric Contr 95 CS wrote:

> Have any of you run into a problem with AOL and VPN's.
> I've set up a successful VPN with an Altiga C20 concentrator.  I put the
> client software on a few test systems with other engineers and we were doing
> great.  One of the users has AOL.  He establishes a connection with AOL and
> then launches the Client Dialer.  We checked out Firewall logs and the user
> doesn't even reach our Firewall.  I believe the data is getting caught by
> AOL.
> I called their tech support and they were WORTHLESS.  The lady laughed and
> said "that is way over my head."  I said cool, escalate me and I'll work it
> out with an Engineer.  She said there is no level 2, she was it.  I said
> fine, let's pretend I can't FTP, what would you have me do.  She said "does
> that have to do with opening a web page?"  Needless to say I am on my own so
> I thought I'd chat with you all and see what you ran in to.
> Eric Jeffery, MCSE
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> TYBRIN Corp.
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