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At the  SANE 2000  web site ( )  you will find  full
program details,  on-line registration, hotel information & reservation forms,
travel information and much more, regarding the SANE 2000 conference.

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                     2nd International SANE Conference

                              May 22-25, 2000

                        Maastricht, The Netherlands

 A conference organized by the NLUUG, the UNIX User Group - The Netherlands
   co-sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association, and
                               Stichting NLnet

Important dates:
  Early registration deadline:  April  7, 2000
  Registration closing date  :  May   14, 2000

We are very pleased to present you the program for SANE 2000, an international
conference on  System  Administration and  Networking,  focused on UNIX and IP
networking.  Going through the program,  you will  find renowned  speakers for
many interesting topics.  SANE 2000 is the place where you will hear, discuss,
then put to use the latest research,  well-thought-out approaches,  tools  and
techniques for practical system administration and security.

Monday and Tuesday are your true opportunity for in-depth study! For two days,
choose among three tracks of tutorials, covering topics like  Perl/Tk,  IPSEC,
Sendmail, firewalls, DNS and general  UNIX  systems administration  and led by
experienced and respected instructors like Eric Allman, Jim Reid, Hugh Daniel,
Walter Belgers, Hans van de Looy, Mark Overmeer, Jos Vos and Evi Nemeth.

During the  third and  fourth day of SANE 2000 you will (after the keynote) be
able to  choose from  two tracks of  interesting presentations:  the  refereed
papers track or the  invited talks  sessions.   Hear about network management,
security,  modern  file  system  techniques,  IP  internals,  (b)leading  edge
developments, the use of open source software, and so on.                       You will  find a  remarkable line-up of speakers,  including Brian Reid,  Jeff
Allen, Eric Allman, Barbara Dijker, Guido van Rooij,  Mark Burgess, Joe Greco,
Bastiaan Bakker and many, many more.

On Tuesday and Wednesday you can also stroll along the exhibition area,  where
vendors will demonstrate their latest hardware and software products they hope
will help you do your job more efficiently and effectively.

Of course,  there's also time  to  relax.  Make sure you don't miss the social
event  (and conference dinner) on  Wednesday evening.   The conference ends on
Thursday afternoon with the "The inSANE Quiz" where  keywords like  Hilarious!
Fun! Educational! apply.   Attend the quiz  and be awed by the vast amounts of
absolutely  useless  knowledge  portrayed  by the  quiz candidates.  Or,  even
better,  register as a potential quiz candidate and test your cognitive powers
against the world's masters of  completely  useless  facts.  Try  to  beat the
reigning champion!

SANE 2000 is hosted in the  Maastricht Exposition and Conference Center, MECC,
close to the medieval center of the  city of  Maastricht,  in the south of the
Netherlands, close to the borders with Belgium and Germany.

Please join us. We hope to see you in Maastricht on May 22-25 at SANE 2000!

 Edwin H. Kremer, Program Co-Chair
 Dept. of Computer Science, Utrecht University

 Bob Eskes, Program Co-Chair
 Applied System's Research, Hollandse Signaalapparaten, Hengelo

 For The SANE 2000 Program Committee.

P.S. register early for the tutorials: they tend to fill up fast!

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