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David M. Fetter dfetter at pdx.edu
Fri Oct 8 14:32:25 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 12:17, Brian Wotring wrote:
> To the first issue, see my recent post.
> As for the NIS user, yes, I believe some change is in order for the 
> installer.  The installer has a minor bug in that it prompts for 
> continuation after it has already tried to create or locate the osiris 
> user/group.
> Suggestions for checking are welcome, but it seems like one easy 
> solution would be to prompt for permission to create a local user or 
> not.  Admins that have a userbase elsewhere could then opt out.

I found another possible solution for you.  There is a command that
apparently comes with glibc, named 'getent'.  You can use it to get
username info like this: `getent passwd username`.  It returns the
appropriate line based on what you have setup.  Basically, it's using
the getpwnam c function, except as a normal command you can execute in
the shell script.  It also appears to work on both Solaris and Linux
with the same syntax.  I'm assuming it will probably exist on any *nix
that has the glibc libraries installed.

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