[Osiris-devel]unreadable files

Adam Shand larry at spack.org
Thu Aug 2 14:40:58 EDT 2001

> So, what do people think about logging those files to the database vs.
> creating an error file?

i think there's two ways of looking at it.

1. osiris should be run as root, thus it should be able to see
   everything.  if it can't see everything then something is wrong and
   it's an error.  so flag it as an error and don't put anything in the

2. osiris' job is to collect as much data as possible.  if it can see the
   file it can log certain information about it.  whether it exists,
   modification time, size, permissions etc.  an unreadable file suid root
   is still important if it "just appeared".  so flag a warning cause it's
   strange and log it to the database.

i would say the same holds true for unenterable directories, #2 seems more


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