802.11r and L3

Yury Shvedov yshvedov at arccn.ru
Mon Sep 28 03:46:00 EDT 2015


I'm implementing FT protocol, partly using the hostapd code. I have 
already implemented the over-the-air scheme without resource request 
protocol and it works well with mac80211_hwsim, two access points and 
wpa_supplicant. Data frame (dhcp traffic) passed well after FT 
authentication and association via simulated by mac80211_hwsim virtual 
wireless interface of wpa_supplicant. But I have a problems with real 
devices (Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 mini on Android 4.4). After 
successful roaming they resets their L3 data (IP address, gateway, 
e.t.c.) and do not sends dhcp requests.

I have no idea why this is happens. Maybe I'm doing something wrong 
while adding station to driver, but why mac802211_hwsim works then? Or I 
have to send some additional information to client about L3 which I 
overlook in standard and hostapd code?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Yury Shvedov

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