Returning errors on invalid values when configuring p2p over DBus

viesturs.zarins at viesturs.zarins at
Wed Sep 9 04:41:38 EDT 2015


I'm configuring a p2p device over Dbus using, P2PDeviceConfig method.
And the method always succeeds even if the configuration values are not reasonable.

Internally the call gets routed to wpas_dbus_setter_p2p_device_config and later to wpa_supplicant_update_config, wpas_wps_update_config and wpas_p2p_update_config.
The latter does lots of error checking but only writes the errors to log.

What are the architecture considerations over this behavior?
I'm willing to implement the error handling.
Any hints how to do it so it can be accepted upstream?

My immediate concern is over p2p_listen_channel.


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