macsec qca driver

Jānis Čoders janis.coders at
Tue Sep 8 05:25:03 EDT 2015

Hi, I would like to test MacSec (802.1ae/802.1x-2010) support in wpa_supplicant.
With config flag CONFIG_MACSEC=y I can test the MKA part of protocol
(key exchange),
but I would like to also use the macsec encryption and it seems that
it is supported only
by qca macsec driver (CONFIG_DRIVER_MACSEC_QCA=y), but it doesn't
compile, because
there are no headers:
#include "nss_macsec_secy.h"
#include "nss_macsec_secy_rx.h"
#include "nss_macsec_secy_tx.h"

And I can't find any information about these headers - seems to be
Qualcom specific and maybe
proprietary? Has anyone more information about this?

Thank you

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