WPA authentication problem

Robert Deliën robert at delien.nl
Sun Mar 22 09:04:51 EDT 2015

> wpa_pairwise=CCMP
> I distinctly remember having had issues with TKIP being enabled as well.

I should have mentioned that all these three work:
wpa_pairwise=CCMP TKIP

But if I understood correctly, these are all WPA authentications. WPS2 requires rsn_pairwise, am I correct?

wpa=3 Allows for WPA authentication, whereas wpa=2 allows WPA2 only. I’m pretty sure I have tried that as well and I was surprised that that works with the three options above as well.

I’m still wondering why setting rsn_pairwise is breaking things. Perhaps I didn’t configure my Kernel correctly? Or perhaps I didn’t configure hostapd correctly?

Anyway, your suggesting will work for us. Thank you.
I just would like to understand what’s going wrong...

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