[EDT][PATCH] P2P :- Listen frequence and Operating frequency information

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Sat Jun 6 10:41:10 EDT 2015

On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 12:21:13PM +0000, Amit Khatri wrote:
> Thanks for suggestion. i have made the changes accrodingly.

Could you please clarify what you are planning on using this information
for? While you do note this is for "debug over dbus interface", I do not
really want to expose these internal parameters from wpa_supplicant
through the D-Bus interface since there is significant risk of them
being misused just like they did over the control interface.

> diff --git a/doc/dbus.doxygen b/doc/dbus.doxygen
> @@ -1642,6 +1642,14 @@ Interface implemented by objects representing P2P peer devices.
>    <li>
> +    <h3>ListenFreq - i - (read)</h3>
> +  </li>
> +
> +  <li>
> +    <h3>OperFreq - i - (read)</h3>
> +  </li>

This is even documenting these variables without any sign of debugging
mentioned here. These fields are simply not reliable since they may
change at any point in time and OperFreq is even worse since the peer
may have multiple operating channels.

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