[PATCH 2/2] wpa_gui-qt4: tray icon based signal strength meter

Arkadiusz (Arkq) Bokowy arkadiusz.bokowy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 09:06:49 EST 2015

> This functionality should fetch signal strength information through
> wpa_supplicant (not directly from the driver) to make this more
> portable. For example, see the SIGNAL_POLL control interface command.

Thanks for the replay, I will definitely use this SIGNAL_POLL command -
I wasn't aware of the licence incompatibility with iwlib and that the
interface has been deprecated.

Anyway, I've tracked a little bit this command in the wpa_suplicant
drivers code, however I was unable to determine if the returned value
for RSSI is unified - e.g. it is guaranteed, that the value is in range
from -100 to 0 (or any arbitrary range) or if it is a raw value from
the chipset. Because according to the Wiki (and part of the iwlib)
various chipsets might operate on different scales (e.g. DBM, RCPI).

Best regards,

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