enable IEEE802.11R in wpa_supplicant

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Thu Apr 16 09:46:46 EDT 2015

If I want to enable 802.11r standard in wpa_supplicant, have I only to set the compiler flag IEEE80211R. I compiled it with this flag successfully but I can’t and even build a hostapd version for openwrt.

But if I trace the traffic with wireshark, I can’t see a “mobility element” in probe response which the AP transmits, for example.

Or does the kernel version don’t support that functionality?

Wpa_supplicant runs on Ubuntu 12.04 and kernel version 3.2.0-80, hostapd runs in OpenWrt on kernel version 3.14.16.

So I also stepped through wpa_supplicant with a debugger and set a breakpoint in file events.c (line 1770) it does not jump into the if clause.

Events.c (line 1770):
/* Process FT when SME is in the driver */
            if (!(wpa_s->drv_flags & WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_SME) &&
                wpa_ft_is_completed(wpa_s->wpa)) {


Or have I to enabled any other things that this functionality works?


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