[PATCH 02/13] nl80211: parse wmm params on association

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Wed Oct 22 02:47:33 EDT 2014

On Tue, 2014-10-21 at 08:16 -0400, Ilan Peer wrote:

> +	if (nl80211_parse_wmm_params(wmm, &event.assoc_info.wmm_params)) {
> +		/* indicate the wmm_params are n/a */
> +		event.assoc_info.wmm_params.uapsd_queues = -1;
> +	}

This seems tricky - wouldn't it break driver wrappers that don't know
about this (yet) and let them advertise uapsd_queues=0 to the higher
layers, thus indicating that they actually knew? It seems safer to break
this into "have information" and "what's the information" to let a
default of 0 in the struct sensibly be "don't know".


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