wpa_supplicant 1.0 fails to execute the 'up' routines.

Gustav Schaffter gustav.schaffter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 12:28:50 EST 2014

Hi, Guys.

I'm new to this list, as well as to wpa_supplicant. Please, bear with me.

My environment:
Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi.
# cat /etc/debian_version
# wpa_supplicant -v
wpa_supplicant v1.0

My problem:

Using wpa_supplicant I can't get the 'pre-up', 'up' and 'post-up' routines
to execute.

The 'pre-down', 'down' and 'post-down' routines do get executed.
Only the 'up' routines fail to execute.

Some examples:

This *will work*, so that both the 'up' and the 'down' routines will be
executed. It will of course *fail* to correctly configure the interface,
since wpa_supplicant isn't there to provide any credentials.

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