[PATCH] Add Support for TPC and VHT-TPE IE's

Marek Puzyniak xpumapu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 07:46:44 EST 2014

Hi All,

2013/9/1 Krishna Chaitanya <chaitanya.mgit at gmail.com>:
>> Please do not merge independent changes into a single patch even if they
>> are in similar category. It's much easier to review and manage shorter
>> patches that add each add a specific change. In addition, there were
>> quite a bit of whitespace damage in the changes. Please either fix your
>> MUA to not break the patch or as a less preferred backup, send the patch
>> as an attachment in addition to inline.
>> I split the changes into three parts and cleaned them up to make it
>> easier to review them (doing that before for contributions would be
>> appreciated and likely to speed up the process of getting these into
>> hostap.git). The following commits have number of TODO/FIX comments
>> pointing out the changes that I think will be needed to make these work
>> properly.
> Thanks a lot Jouni for the comments. Will handle the comments and send them
> as a 3 individual patches.
>> FIX: ieee80211h configuration parameter is not appropriate way of
>> deciding whether to add this to the Beacon/Probe Response frames since
>> it is used for other purposes (enabling DFS support). In addition,
>> hardcoding Local Power Constraint to 0 does not look good. Maybe add a
>> new configuration parameter local_pwr_constraint and add this element
>> only if that is set.
> Accepted.
>> FIX: ieee80211h is not appropriate parameter for selecting when spectrum
>> management is marked required. A new spectrum_mgmt_required
>> configuration parameter could be added to do this instead.
> Accepted.
>> TODO: Is use of 127 as the config-value-not-set appropritate? Would
>> sound better to use int values in configuration and a unique
>> value to indicate not set rather than re-use 127 which has a
>> special meaning in the standard.
> Agree that 127 has a special meaning but that meaning says there is
> no local power constraint, so we can safely use it to not to include the
> IE.
>> TODO: It is not appropriate to use ieee80211h config parameter as a
>> constraint for including this. Use vht_tpe_loc_20 parameter
>> present/not-present for this instead.
> Accepted.
>> Add Transmit Power Envelope element per IEEE 802.11ac/D6.0 if VHT is
>> enabled.
> Sure, our patch was based on 5.0 will upgrade.
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What is the current status of TPC implementation?
I am asking because I would like to continue that work or test that if
it is already done.


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