"iwlist scan" while hostapd running

Nicolas Cavallari nicolas.cavallari at green-communications.fr
Mon Oct 21 14:26:39 EDT 2013

On 21/10/2013 18:13, ramon at nanoair.com wrote:
> I am using hostapd to create an adhoc WPA secured wifi network,
> everything is working fine. From another machine I can connect with no
> issues.
> However when hostapd is running, the command:
> iwlist wlan0 scan
> returns 
> wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Operation not supported
> If I kill the hostapd process and bring up the wlan0 interface then
> iwlist wlan0 scan works perfectly.
> I want to be able to scan while hostapd is running. 
> How to do this?

iwlist is obsolete, stop using it.  Use iw instead.

iw has an "ap-force" option that forces scanning even when in AP mode.
Of course, this may temporarily break connection to clients.

iw wlan0 scan ap-force

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