WPS: dev_pw_id mismatch

Syed Asifful Dayyan Rafiuddeen syedd at broadcom.com
Mon May 27 15:41:07 EDT 2013

Hi Jouni,

WFD Cert test cases which use WPS keypad config method to connect with Auto GO are failing due to mismatch of device password id between M1 and M2. CLUT sends M1 with device password id 5, in response to this test bed Auto-GO sends device password id 0 in M2, due to this mismatch CLUT(wpa_supplicant) sends a NAK msg and WPS is failing.

This issue seems to exist even before, but it is failing now because of device password id check that has been recently added for NFC handover in wpa_supplicant (wps_process_dev_pw_id).

What do you think, who should be fixed for this, Registrar or Enrollee? 


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