Require a standard hostapd.conf file to make 802.11R enabled AP

Dibyajyoti Ghosh dibyajyotig at
Fri May 3 08:33:03 EDT 2013


I have a USB Wi-fi dongle, which is fully WEXT enabled. Now I want to
configure it as an 802.11R
AP with hostapd. I have been able to configure it as an AP, with
WPA-PSK, although the interface is being changed from "Managed" mode
to "Master" mode by hostapd.

However, It is not advertising the 802.11R IE(s), i.e. FTIE and MDIE
in beacon frames or in
Probe Response frames. I think, I am missing some hostapd
configurations, related to 802.11R.

Please send me a standard hostapd.conf file, that contains complete
configuration for 802.11R.

Thanks & Regards,
Dibyajyoti Ghosh

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