Unable to set my channel with hostapd

Francisco Cuesta ndarkness at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 11:53:09 EDT 2013


I'm facing an issue with hostapd, I want to set some channel of 5Ghz
band (196 = 4980 MHz). However, am I always retreived the following
Configured channel (196) not found from the channel list of current
mode (2) 802.11a"

But I don't know why I get this error whether the channel is available
on the driver (even  it is listed with iw phy1 list) and it is
supported bythe device. Why doesn't hostapd set it? What "channel
list" does it refert to?? What is more, I have disabled HTmode since I
though,that might be one of the reason of that error, but it turned
out that it wasn't...

thanks in advance,


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