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Tue Apr 23 07:50:42 EDT 2013

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 09:52:15PM -0700, graffitici at wrote:
> I have a question that may have come up before (if so, sorry, I couldn't 
> find it). I currently use hostapd to open up a non-secured AP. Once 
> connected, the users have to create credentials through an http form 
> running on the AP. 
> In the current setup, the user has to open the browser and navigate to 
> the AP's IP to get to the form. Is there a way to show the form right 
> upon connection, the way hotels and hotspots show license agreements 
> etc? How can I configure such a system? 

Yes, in the same way as hotels and hotspots do it.. ;-)  In other words,
by using a captive portal. hostapd is not involved in how data frames
are processed and this type of functionality is outside its scope.
Anyway, a quick search on captive portal will hopefully point you to
programs that can be used to implement this.

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