[WIP 1/2] Support not specifying the frame frequency.

Nicolas Cavallari Nicolas.Cavallari at lri.fr
Mon Apr 8 05:55:52 EDT 2013

By default, the frame is sent to the current BSS.  This requires patches
to the kernel through, which have not been integrated yet.

This will also log each sent CMD_FRAME.

Signed-hostap: Nicolas Cavallari <cavallar at lri.fr>
 src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c |    4 +++-
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c b/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c
index b53e706..a932b8d 100644
--- a/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c
+++ b/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c
@@ -8622,10 +8622,12 @@ static int nl80211_send_frame_cmd(struct i802_bss *bss,
 	wpa_printf(MSG_DEBUG, "nl80211: CMD_FRAME freq=%u wait=%u no_cck=%d "
 		   "no_ack=%d offchanok=%d",
 		   freq, wait, no_cck, no_ack, offchanok);
+	wpa_hexdump(MSG_DEBUG, "CMD_FRAME", buf, buf_len);
 	nl80211_cmd(drv, msg, 0, NL80211_CMD_FRAME);
 	NLA_PUT_U32(msg, NL80211_ATTR_IFINDEX, bss->ifindex);
-	NLA_PUT_U32(msg, NL80211_ATTR_WIPHY_FREQ, freq);
+	if (freq)
+		NLA_PUT_U32(msg, NL80211_ATTR_WIPHY_FREQ, freq);
 	if (wait)
 		NLA_PUT_U32(msg, NL80211_ATTR_DURATION, wait);
 	if (offchanok && (drv->capa.flags & WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_OFFCHANNEL_TX))

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