UPD2: Android ICS: wpa_supplicant not connecting to hostapd in 80211n mode

Valeriy Kucherenko darkside_ua at ukr.net
Mon May 28 04:30:56 EDT 2012

So, can somebody help me with this? I've also turned my laptop (Win7 x64, Intel PROSet/Wireless) into AP mode to check wireless connectivity and the phone successfully authenticate and connected in n-mode. It only won't connect to hostapd-1 in n-mode.

For details of problems, please see my previous two messages with same subject.


> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've recently bought HTC One S phone (Android 4, kernel 3.0.8) and now facing a problem that I could not connect my phone to AP while AP is configured in Wireless-N mode. The connection process stucks in authentication loop and then disconnects. If I just comment out ieee80211n config parameter in hostapd all works fine, but in G-mode. Can somebody help me with this problem? I've few days googled to find solution but find nothing.

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