wpa_supplicant consultant needed

Hien Ha HHa at livescribe.com
Tue May 22 00:28:48 EDT 2012

I am currently working with wpa_supplicant to build Wi-FI capabilities for a small consumer electronic device which has an RTOS, ARM9 CPU and Atheros Series 6000 chip on board.
The wpa_supplicant source code is release 0.6.9 which was included in the Atheros SDK.
The wpa_supplicant has been successfully ported to our hardware platform.
Currently the device can connect successfully to Wi-Fi Access Points with Atheros chip inside.
However, the device has trouble connecting successfully to Wi-Fi Access Points with Broadcom chip inside.
(It takes up to 2 minutes to connect at distance greater than 50cm)
I am in need of a paid consultant who can help me troubleshoot and fix the above problem.
Thank you
Hien Ha
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