hostap 1.1-devel

Chinchilla, Angie V angie.v.chinchilla at
Tue May 15 20:13:42 EDT 2012

Now that hostap 1.0 is released I've changed the version on the 1.x
development branch to 1.1-devel.

I've also picked up the following commits in 1.1-devel from 2.0-devel:

f15854d1e15e212ef9dbd8d734f0ffbed69e1b86 Fix BSSID enforcement with driver-based BSS selection
2c1e5575079f18e97f5d5751d0300b2e7c6a1aba WPS: Fix BSSID filter handling
157cdad59fafe56ab41a67fb13ac61e248025fdd wpa_supplicant: Fix overlapping memcpy on WPS interface addition
ab28911dbf77fa050459fb30d28037f54c04bde6 P2P: Deinitialize global P2P context on P2P mgmt interface removal
3fe8b68d63060d7766946bf29f937e255e1bd749 P2P: Wait 100 ms if driver fails to start listen operation
3d332fe75e9546a3b1d13042d791e1e67c276e79 Fix SIM/USIM determination to support EAP-AKA'
5daba48ca7ea49064a931a544e6da7f54cc0b74c hlr_auc_gw: Use 5 bit IND for SQN updates
f571b593ba86a4f8345e4e306fcf8842c2f00863 P2P: Clone max_sta_num parameter for group interfaces
762e4ce620125f233bec964413354601b0d9654c EAP-AKA': Update to RFC 5448
83519983138b0e9c19a4beb3a763e2289d5a51cb EAP-AKA' server: Fix identity for MK derivation
1c7447d08b2b7368201e4df456ee3da50a00f5aa P2P: Fix Device ID matching for Probe Request frames
d2118814747df4bff878b18f9dc93c8f626ce082 Fix D-Bus build without ctrl_iface
c98b83f2d3f8b9ad435c75f386829105f9837baa P2P: Do not update peer Listen channel based on PD/Invitation
5b9cecafaf8c14c056d92b652ee91b83187ec3e5 P2P: Fix disallowing of pending listen command to override connect

If you have a commit from the main 2.0-devel that you would like
picked up in 1.x please tag it with "intended-for: hostap-1" at
commit time or send me an email with the 2.0-devel commit id.


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