IEEE 802.11w support in wpa_supplicant ("Management frame protection required, but client did not enable it" error)

Michael Zintakis michael.zintakis at
Sun May 6 09:40:47 EDT 2012

>> If it is the hardware then that is out of the question, at least for 
>> now. If it is the software driver, then I may have a chance as I pointed 
>> out above.
> I would guess that this ends up requiring firmware and driver changes
> and an update to a newer wpa_supplicant. While theoretically doable,
> this does not sound exactly practical since the components you are using
> are years older than the standard you are trying to implement.
Thank you both Jouni and Kalle for your answers.

I guess I have two choices: 1) either abandon the idea of 11w (provided 
neither compat-wireless nor the TI-supplied WiLink driver support that 
standard, not to mention the actual TI hardware chip) and don't waste my 
time any further with this; or 2) upgrade my smartphone and endure the 
pain associated with such exercise (I have a lot of custom-made software 
on that phone)...

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