IEEE 802.11w support in wpa_supplicant ("Management frame protection required, but client did not enable it" error)

Michael Zintakis michael.zintakis at
Sat May 5 09:29:56 EDT 2012

I have enabled IEEE 802.11w (management frame protection mode) in my AP 
- running hostapd - with "ieee80211w=2" (required/mandatory), but when I 
try to connect using wpa_supplicant I get the following error message: 
"Management frame protection required, but client did not enable it".

I searched the man pages as well as any documentation of the supplicant 
I could find and the only mention of this is that in order to activate 
it I have to compile the supplicant with "CONFIG_IEEE80211W=y". I did 
that (I also used "CONFIG_EAP_GPSK_SHA256=y" as well) and restarted the 
supplicant, but I still get this error.

I tried to specify "ieee80211w=2" in the supplicant configuration file 
as well (a wild guess, I know) and the strange thing is that before I 
recompiled my supplicant with "CONFIG_IEEE80211W=y" (this option wasn't 
active before) it used to complain that the option I used - ieee80211w - 
is "not recognised".

After recompilation when "CONFIG_IEEE80211W=y" was included in my 
.config file, the supplicant isn't complaining any more, but IEEE 
802.11w doesn't seem to be activated/working either (besides, I am not 
even sure specifying "ieee80211w=2" in my wpa_supplicant.conf is the 
right thing to do as this "option" is not documented anywhere) - I get 
exactly the same message on the AP side - "Management frame protection 
required, but client did not enable it", while on the supplicant side I 
get a timed-out message.

Is IEEE 802.11w supported in the supplicant and how do I activate it/use 
it? What am I missing?

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