Bss command with p2p_dev_addr= argument

Neeraj Kumar Garg neerajkg at
Thu May 3 01:52:28 EDT 2012

Hello Jouni,
This is regarding the bss command recently implemented in wpa_supplicant to find out if a peer p2p device is running a bss (P2P GO interface) or not. Since I could not think of a good implementation/patch, I am requesting your opinion on below scenario. Please assume wlan0 is primary interface and p2p-wlan0-x is p2p interface.

P1: p2p_group_add

P2: p2p_find

P2: p2p_connect go_dev_addr pbc join

P1: wps_pbc on p2p interface

P2: <group-started client>

P2: p2p_group_remove p2p-wlan0-x /* This will remove the bss entry from p2p-wlan0-x interface*/

P2: p2p_flush /* the bss entries on wlan0 interface will not be removed by flush*/

P2: p2p_find /*the bss entry will get updated with no connected clients */

P1: p2p_group_remove p2p-p2p0-x

P2: /*bss entry will continue to exist for 3 mins*/


1)      Bss expiration age has been configured to 180 seconds. A bss entry is removed only either after 3 minutes or if 2 directed scans for that particular bss doesn't result into a positive scan result. A p2p_find does a scan for a DIRECT- ssid.

2)      If we choose to define bss expiration age to lower value say 10 seconds, then we might have issues in Group-formation stages as bss entry may expire in between of group-formation.

3)      If we force p2p_flush to flush off the bss entries from wlan0 interface, a p2p_find followed by p2p_flush will again add an entry as GO is existing at this moment.

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