sending EAPOL Logoff on SIGTERM

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Tue May 1 04:47:00 EDT 2012

Dear all,
I am new to wpa supplicant and hope you can help me.
I have recently upgraded an xsupplicant in an embedded environment to the wpa supplicant.
I have received a bug report from test stating that the EAPOL Logoff is not sent when the embedded environment is rebooted.

With the xsupplicant implementation, a SIGTERM was sent to it and it generated the EAPOL Logoff.
With the wpa supplicant I can see that it is handling the SIGTERM and generating the following...

# kill -SIGTERM 1934
# ***** ctrl_iface_unix CTRL_IFACE monitor send
CTRL_IFACE monitor send - hexdump(len=24): 2f 74 6d 70 2f 44 6f 74 31 78 53 74 61 74 75 73 4d 6f 6e 31 39 33 35 00

Is there a configurable option to genearate the EAPOL Logoff? or is something else required?

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to your response.


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