hostap-1.0-rc3 update

Simon Baatz gmbnomis at
Mon Feb 20 16:52:57 EST 2012

Hi Angie,

I hope it is not too late to get these patches in, but
src/eap_peer/eap_sim.c has the following patches applied:

EAP-SIM peer: Only log the identities that we actually forget
EAP-SIM: Keep pseudonym identity

but src/eap/eap_aka.c has had a recent update that syncs the changes
between EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA:

05c15c897d11e15dbb42679f5483e83b73d5044a (EAP-AKA peer: Clean up
forgetting-id debug prints)

Additionally, I consider

4ac384c596657bb96c22355d1dd13b85ffbad524 (EAP-AKA peer: Append realm
when learning the pseudonym)
a6689be84fdeb0caa8c5bf1a730c18d47bd12859 (EAP-SIM peer: Append realm
when learning the pseudonym)

from the development branch as bug fixes that might be worthwhile to put
into hostap-1.0

- Simon

Am 15.02.2012 20:14, schrieb Chinchilla, Angie V:
> I’ve processed all patches for hostap-1.0-rc3 and therefore all
> patches that will make it into hostap-1.0. ALL patches that were
> tagged as intented-for: hostap-1 made it into the release. Thanks to
> all that tagged patches.
> If you have a patch you feel I’ve missed, that you would like
> included, this is your last chance to request it! You can find the
> current hostap-1.0 tree here:
> or
> git://
> The only outstanding issue is what to do about the outstanding p2p
> dbus work. We don’t have all of the required patches in yet, and today
> was the original rc3 cutoff date. I’ll wait a while longer and see if
> we can get these in.
> -Angie
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