hostap-1.0-rc3 update

Chinchilla, Angie V angie.v.chinchilla at
Wed Feb 15 14:14:45 EST 2012

I've processed all patches for hostap-1.0-rc3 and therefore all patches that will make it into hostap-1.0. ALL patches that were tagged as intented-for: hostap-1 made it into the release. Thanks to all that tagged patches.

If you have a patch you feel I've missed, that you would like included, this is your last chance to request it! You can find the current hostap-1.0 tree here:;a=summary

The only outstanding issue is what to do about the outstanding p2p dbus work. We don't have all of the required patches in yet, and today was the original rc3 cutoff date. I'll wait a while longer and see if we can get these in.

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