Android never giving up old AP passphrase

DaveM dave at
Sat Aug 25 09:21:33 EDT 2012

Trying to re-connect all devices after having changed an AP's wpa 
passphrase, Ubuntu and OSX machines will soon stop trying the old 
passphrase and pop up a dialog for the user to enter a new one. OSX does 
this quickly, on Ubuntu it takes a little longer. But Android devices 
will just sit there and try the passphrase that used to work over and 
over again in a tight loop. If connected to power, they will never give 
up or slow down. You can see this in logcat only (or on the AP side). 
You have to dive deep into Settings, force Android to 'forget' the old 
passphrase and enter a new one - all manually. Could there be a reason 
why supplicant is implemented this way on Android?

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