Hello, question for using virtual interface for hostapd.

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Fri Aug 17 06:57:07 EDT 2012

Hello, members.

My question is that if I can you virtual interface (ex. wl0.1) than
physical interface.(ex. eth0).

My system can support Station mode and AP mode concurrently. I want to use
hostapd for softap and wpa_supplicant for station role.

Primay interface is eth0 (which have phy80211 info under
Secondary interface is wl0.1 which spawned from eth0 (which doesn't have
phy80211 info under /sys/class/net/eth0).

When I run hostapd on wl0.1, it failed to load because 'phy80211' phy info
is not there.

So, my question is below.

1. is it possible to use virtual interface for hostapd?
    ( I confirmed it works on primary phy interf eth0.)

2. If, yes, then I have wrong configuration or missong for spawning virtual
interface (ex, cfg80211 etc.)

Any your comment will be helpful.

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