[PATCH] use User-Name and Chargeable-User-Identity für Access-Accept for Accounting Messages even if 802.1X is not used

michael-dev michael-dev at fami-braun.de
Thu Aug 16 06:30:30 EDT 2012


thanks for reviewing. Please find attached a patch that addresses your 

Signed-hostap: Michael Braun <michael-dev at fami-braun.de>

  M. Braun

Am 11.08.2012 15:49, schrieb Jouni Malinen:
>> @@ -421,6 +423,9 @@ static void handle_auth(struct hostapd_data 
>> *hapd,
>>  		sta->psk = NULL;
>>  	}
>> +	sta->identity = identity;
>> +	sta->radius_cui = radius_cui;
> Hmm.. There is a "goto fail" between the hostapd_allowed_address and
> this location. Are identity/radius_cui allocated and something would
> need to free them on the failure path? And if not, how would these
> pointers remain valid throughout the lifetime of the STA entry (the
> acl_cache entry could get removed earlier)?

Identity and cui are allocated by hostapd_acl_cache_get called by 
hostapd_allowed_address on each call. Those are freed when the struct 
sta_info gets destroyed or in the failure path.
Further, the struct hostapd_cached_radius_acl keeps its own copy which 
gets destroyed when the cache entry is freed.

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