wpa_supplicant 0.7.3 slow to associate, 0.6.10 is ok

Koen Beel koen.beel.barco at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 11:09:18 EDT 2012

>> Would any one have an idea about the cause of this issue?
>> Has someone already seen similar behaviour?
> The point is, that shouldn't matter.
> The logs indicate the driver is clearly refusing scan requests because
> it is "busy" doing something else, probably already scanning.  But since
> WEXT has no facility (and never will, since it's dead) to indicate any
> of it's internal status operations, the supplicant never knows that.
> Instead of hacking the supplicant up to work around deprecated kernel
> driver APIs, it's fairly simple to modify the driver to handle this case
> better, by not returning EBUSY to the supplicant's scan request, but
> returning success instead (since a scan request is ongoing already, why
> not? the supplicant will get the results when it's done anyway).

Ok, I'll give that a try.
Looks like the driver is returning EAGAIN in several cases in the
SIOCSIWSCAN ioctl. I'll change that to return success and see what we


> Next step would be to cache scan results in the driver, but you might be
> able to get away without that for now.  Again, we've fixed all the
> in-kernel drivers to do this, but since your driver is out-of-tree, it
> hasn't been.
> Dan

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