hostapd hangs within nl80211_send_eapol_data

lynxis lazus lynxis at
Wed Aug 8 07:45:42 EDT 2012

> > I'm not sure, but it can be also a ath9k problem. But anyway maybe we can change
> > eapol_tx_sock to non-blocking.
> Are you saying that it hangs (stop indefinitely?) in that sendto() call?
> If so, I would look at kernel code (mac80211 or ath9k). Making the
> socket non-blocking does not sound like a good workaround for such an
> issue, i.e., the kernel code should be able to drop the frame if there
> is an error or lack of resources.
Yes, indefinitely. Look at `iw wlan station dump` for stations longer than 10minutes inactivity time or try to ping via hostapd_cli and it runs into a timeout.
I know making it non-blocking is not a good workaround.
Any suggestions for testsetups to reproduce it? 
I'm a little stuck with it, because it takes weeks to reproduce. Also I haven't yet a good debugging plan, what to do if it happends. Since yet I only generated a coredump.

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