hostapd hangs within nl80211_send_eapol_data

Alexander Couzens lynxis at
Sun Aug 5 13:49:40 EDT 2012


I get every 2-4 weeks a hanging hostapd. Just short things about my setup. 
2x AP are configured with 2 essid, 1 open, 1 wpa2 enterprise eap/peap preauth
1x AP  is configured with 1 essid 1 wpa enterprise eap/peap preauth
Most times it hits 2 APs at nearly same time. Let say within 3 hours and it can show
up on any AP.

I traced it down with gdb to 
driver_nl80211.c:6291 within
static int nl80211_send_eapol_data(struct i802_bss *bss,..
ret = sendto(bss->drv->eapol_tx_sock, data, data_len, 0,
	     (struct sockaddr *) &ll, sizeof(ll));

I'm not sure, but it can be also a ath9k problem. But anyway maybe we can change
eapol_tx_sock to non-blocking.


used hw/sw:
OpenWRT trunk svn r32865 @ Tplink 1043nd (AR9132)
linux 3.3.8
ieee80211 phy0: Atheros AR9100 MAC/BB Rev:7 AR2133 RF Rev:a2 mem=0xb80c0000, irq=2
Compat-wireless backport release: compat-wireless-2012-07-13
Backport based on wireless-testing.git master-2012-07-16
hostapd gitrev: 1f0cc27eb98f7d1af9c64d0752238184cbdb9a24

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