How to use eapol_test for running EAP-Peer and Radius Client on separate machines

Aamer Sattar aamer.786pk at
Fri Aug 3 03:51:43 EDT 2012

I have used eapol_test for EAP-SIM testing with hostapd as a Radius Server.
Now as eapol_test contains both the EAP-Peer and Radius Client inside it. I
want to separate out the EAP-Peer and Radius Client to run the both
components on separate machines for showing the below concept:

EAP-Peer <----> Radius Client (E.g. AP) <----->Radius Server

Should I try to just separate out functionality in eapol_test.c or some
other relevant components to achieve it easily. Any pointers to this will
be highly appreciated.

Aamer Chaudry
NovalystIT AG,
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