p2p_invite issue!

Shah, Nirav J2 nirav.j2.shah at intel.com
Wed Aug 1 20:49:30 EDT 2012

Hey Jouni, 

Thanks a lot for offering to help with this. 
I have sent the logs to you some time back. Couldn't send it to the mailing list because of the size constraint. Did you get the chance to look at them at all? 


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On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 11:44:24PM +0000, Shah, Nirav J2 wrote:
> I running p2p_invite using the following use case and falling into wps 
> issues.  (PS: I am running on HWSIM )
> Here are the steps I am running.
> On Machine M1
> p2p_group_add
>                 <G1 group name >
> wps_pbc <G1_mac>   /*This step has no impact on the error*/
> p2p_find

Does that really work for you with mac80211_hwsim? I'm getting scan failures and p2p_find FAIL when trying this with the GO running. Or did you use separate group interface?

> p2p_invite group=G1 peer=<mac_M2>

Do you leave p2p_find running when running this? Please note that p2p_find is pretty much trying to use all possible time for device discovery and that makes it quite difficult to do any concurrent operations.

> Am I am doing something wrong (or missing something) in the above steps?

Other than missing p2p_stop_find on the GO, I did not notice incorrect commands.

> In the meantime I do see the interface go up on M2. Looking at the code  it goes past provisioning successfully.
> After that I believe it is trying to do wps authentication and failing there. I think the wps enrollee keeps scanning for the GO. The GO keeps receiving probe request and responds.
> But the enrollee doesn't try to authenticate as 
> wps_is_selected_pbc_registrar() fails in wpas_wps_ssid_bss_match() 
> with the message without active PBC Registrar

Please send debug log from both the GO and the P2P client. When I try to do this with mac80211_hwsim (though, with single interface and p2p_find on the GO prior to running p2p_group_add), invitation and p2p_connect join seem to work fine.

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