Hidden SSID/BSSID cache

Simon Barber simon at barber.net
Mon Nov 7 20:19:37 EST 2011

I use a Ubuntu laptop at work, and the corporate WLAN uses a hidden 
SSID. Every day I connect at the same place, and wpa_supplicant seems to 
do an initial scan, then try to scan for the hidden SSID. This takes 
some extra time. Since I regularly use the same APs would it be possible 
to extend wpa_supplicant to persistently cache the BSSID->hidden SSID 
relationships it learns (in a file). This way the next day I open my 
laptop the initial scan will find the BSSID of the AP I normally use, 
and learn from the cache that it can immediately attempt to associate 
with that BSSID, skipping the second scan, and resulting in a faster 


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