Followup q on persistent groups (resend w/ better formatting)

Sane, Jayant jayant.sane at
Tue Oct 19 19:02:25 EDT 2010

Pardon/disregard the earlier post with screwed up line length formatting:-( 

I am asking this on behalf of someone to get some feelers.

One of the primary reasons for having/creating persistent groups is the ability to 
create 'permanent' associations with certain peers. 
Question became what would be the appropriate entity/place for remembering the peers
that had successfully associated with a given persistent group. A sub-question on 
that is whether it makes sense to have some ability so as to add some 'extra' 
info/fields to the network profile (corresponding to the persistent group) that 
will allow applications to maintain the <group, list of peers> associations. 
Given a peer they can then query the group(s) a given peer belonged to. And to 
mitigate the possibility of getting multiple groups that a peer might belong to, one 
possibility suggested was to also maintain an 'service' field in the group info 
which then allows apps to search for groups that are of interest to them. 
In other words the query would be for given <peer, service> find the persistent group. 

I realize this would depend on which ever entity managing the persistent 
groups/profiles and whether it would provide hooks for apps to attach custom info 
(like list of peers) to the group and be able to retrieve it later. This also 
raises the question of whether individual apps should own/maintain their own 
(persistent) groups where they can maintain any custom info with it.

Any thoughts. 



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