CA cert set via GUI prompt

Ben Thompson ben at
Mon Oct 18 15:03:58 EDT 2010


I am interested in the possibility of creating a GUI to connect to
WPA-Enterprise wireless networks (for my freerunner phone) which is
able to prompt the user to accept a server certificate with a simple
button click. I am thinking about the kind of thing that Windows
7/Vista and Mac OS does when the user connects to a new network. I
think the process is that a box appears asking for the username and
password (anonymous ID is automatically set to the same as username)
and then a pop up box appears displaying a summary of the details on
the server certificate and has a button to stop or continue. I think
this relies on the fact that a suitable root cert is found in the
certificate store on the computer. The key thing is that the user does
not have to manually type the path to the root certificate or even
know what it is. The only text entered by the user is the username and

I suppose what I would like to know is whether wpa_supplicant would be
able to interact with a GUI in such a way to provide the certificate
details presented by the RADIUS server?

Thanks in advance

Ben Thompson

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