What will happen to wpa_supplicant process If i will make the WiFi Radio Off

Vijay Swami vijayswami1 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 09:05:22 EDT 2010

   This is Vijay Here. I am using wpa_supplicant for WinXP and Windows
Mobile (For Windows Mobile i have ported ). I am using wpa_supplicant as a
dll. In my Application i have to make the WiFi On and OFF frequently. I am
starting the wpa_supplicant after initialization of my application. First
time it authenticates properly with Access Point. Suppose if i will make
the WiFi Off and again made it On then , Do i need to re start the
wpa_supplicant application again or wpa_supplicant instance which is already
running (Which i have started after inintialization of my application) will
work fine.
1) Once i will make WiFi On I am starting the wpa_supplicant instance. If i
will switch off the WiFi Radio then do i need to close the wpa_supplicant
2) When I will make WiFi Off  and again make it On then do i need to close
the existing wpa_supplicant and again start it or already running
wpa_supplicant will do the Authentication procedure?

Vijay Swami
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